Natural & Organic Palm Arrack and Palm wine Manufscturer,Exporters & Distributor in Sri Lanka

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Palm Sap is collected from selected inflorescence. After a special filtering process palm wine is bottled in our factory through a clean and healthy way.



Fermentation Is Through The Action Of Endogenous Yeasts Present In The Palm Sap.



Palm Wine Is Extracted By Tapping The Tip Of The Young Inflorescence, As Is Done With The Traditional Way With More Care



Naturally Growing Hot Sunlight Palm Trees Are Selected For Tapping And According To The Sex Of The Palm And Age Of The Inflorescence, Different Kinds Of Tapping Methods Are Adopted.

Palm wine Origin

Sri Lanka alcohol industry is based on “Toddy”,” Raa”,” Kallu’. Palm wine production spanning before 5th Century domain years. The toddy is collected from the Naturally grown Palmyrah Palm trees in the Nothern part of Sri Lanka Discovered so far back as the 5th Century AD in Northern, Sri Lanka. Palm Arrack is unique alcoholic beverage obtain by tapping palm nectar. Lush Palm plantations in the Northern part of island, spanning of millions of acres, were the inspiration for the tapping of Palm Wine Toddy and its subsequent filtering and bottling to produce the much-released Bottled Palm Wine Toddy.

The First Step involves Tapping or extracting Palm Wine Toddy, as it is popularly known, from the unopened flower of the palm tree. At dawn, ‘tappers’ move from one tree to another tree to extract the sap of the yet unopened Palm flower. A deft slice with a sharp knife draws the nectar out of the flower. It is collected in a clay pot placed under the flower. A tree on average yields approximately two to five litres of wine per day. The liquid ferments quickly into a middle alcoholic drink locally called ‘Raa’, ‘Kallu’, ‘toddy’ and ‘Palm wine’. The Collected toddy is bottled in a proper way to avoid further fermentation and distributed in the market as “Bottled Toddy”. Palm wine is also called as Emu, Malafu, Mimbo, Tub in the other countries.

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